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Guest Speaker Detective Ali Perez


The Anchor
323 N Coast Hwy 92054 Oceanside United States
Sheriff's Detective Ali Perez started out his adult life as a Deep Sea Diver for the U.S. Navy for three years. Then coming on to the Sheriff’s Department, he worked both Central and South Bay Jails for five years. He then transferred to Santee Patrol for ten, including COPPS and forming up the Gang Suppression Team. This was followed by two years with the El Cajon Court, and the last few years with the Child Abuse Unit, having handled over a hundred cases before his shooting occurred. Afterward, Detective Perez retired with 20 years of service. He is married with a son and daughter.

On 09/25/12 Ali and his arrest team were caught up in a serious fire-fight three years ago while attempting to arrest a subject wanted for multiple charges of felony child molestation and exploitation. Unbeknownst to Ali and his team, the subject was apparently warned just prior to contact at his residence and was waiting for them with a high caliber (.308) rifle as they began to kick in the door. Gunfire erupted and the first one hit was Ali, with a round that almost severed his left arm. Knocked to the floor just inside the apartment, bullets began to be exchanged between the subject and Ali at nearly point blank range. More hits on both were taken. Ali was so severely injured and bleeding out so fast that he realized he had only minutes to live, and that there was no way the rest of his team could rescue him in that short amount of time. This is where Ali's story of fear, failure, faith, forgiveness, freedom and fortitude begin with a remarkable and astonishing intervention of God's grace and power that was nothing short of a supernatural display of His mercy, love and sovereign truth. God is not bound by time or circumstance, and where we might never expect Him to be, He shows up and takes over when everything we have and are is spent and done. Regardless of what you think about miraculous events in this day and age, Ali himself was not one who was given to expect or experience such things, and not one in 10,000 men could have survived his ordeal. From fight to finish, what went on at a moment of certain death, to relinquishment, rescue, renal failure and incredible recovery is nothing short of extraordinary and amazing. Ali's compelling message will change the way you look at life, death, and the future and hope in those who trust God's power and purpose in their life.

As always we emphasize the reality of God’s strength and support when we look to Him for the grace we need to live uprightly. With a humble reliance upon God to carry out our responsibilities, the Truth of His Word and the Power of His Spirit enable us to be the stronghold of integrity and trustworthiness our profession demands.

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